Anna and I go back to the quirkiest, most nurturing workshop I’ve ever taken. Her humour and unique outlook on life helped me become a better writer. It was only after that workshop did I learn what a humble and genuine person Anna is. When she heard of Alt-Minds Magazine, she was thrilled to help out. Now, I don’t know where we would be without her.

Anna Cavouras – Assistant Editor, Fiction and Memoir

Anna is a writer, a reader, a mother, and a daydreamer. She has worked as a social worker and community organizer for over 15 years, and her writing centers around social change and food justice*. She iAnnas currently writing her first novel saturated in detail and brimming with strangeness.

Anna is drawn to stories from the sidelines, full of a clear and genuine voice.

She knows there are an infinite number of ways to be in this world and wants to read about all of them.

*The Food Justice movement strips down issues related to food production and access to reveal the hidden layers of oppression within our food system (such as unequal rights for migrant workers). It promotes the creation of systems that reflect practices of decolonization and that actively supports systems based on justice, equality, cultural pluralism and human rights.

From Food Secure Canada:

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