We are looking for insightful and unique personal essays and non-fiction pieces for website publication (1,000 to 2,000). Don’t forget – mental health related!


We are, unfortunately, charging a $6.00 CDN fee to submit. We’re so sorry! But we need to pay our bills so we can keep paying our amazing contributors (oh, and stay in business)!

Rules for Submissions – we hate to do this, but if you do not adhere to these requests, your piece will NOT be considered

  • Feel free submit as many times as you like (we love enthusiam!), but please do so separately – one piece per submission.
  • Please edit your submissions before sending them in for consideration (if you need assistance in editing, Dreamers Creative Writing offers super inexpensive and professional short-piece editing services).
  • All work must be your own (kind of a given).
  • We are totally cool with previously published pieces but only with permission from the other publisher.
  • Please ensure your name and email are on your piece. Please ensure the title of your piece is clear, along with word count. Please label your document with the following format: LASTNAMETitleOfSubmission.docx.  We can’t stress this enough! If your information is not on the piece or it if the file is not named properly, it will not be considered. We are only three people and recieve hundreds of submissions – please help make it easier for us to help you get published!
  • Please provide a short bio (max 25 words).
  • Please ensure your piece is in .doc or .docx format.

Response Times
We are a very small (but super tight) team but promise to read each and every piece you send to us. Given those constraints however, it may take up to 8 weeks to respond, but rest assured, we will! (We’re also cool if you send us a prompt email. Or even if you want to say “hi.”)

Do We Pay?
We are a super small (have I mentioned this yet?), independently owned literary magazine and our funds are very limited. However, we know your work is worth being paid for so we can happily pay $50.00 CDN per fiction, non-fiction, and memoir piece, and $20.00 CDN per poem.

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