People experience depression differently. Some people have the energy to carry on daily activities while others can’t even manage to get out of bed or home. I’m the latter. I will lie still in bed, or on other surfaces for hours and stare at whatever that is close to me. Things seem enlarged and more vivid in colour, and sometimes, just sometimes, they partially fill the void in my mind.

This is what I saw, do you feel what I felt?

i woke up at sunset
i woke up at sunset: the setting sun shining on the headboard of my bed when i finally woke up from a long sleep | (c)2018 Yuhan Pan
light streaks
light streaks: i shut all my blinds during daytime but their gaps allowed light to shine through and make patterns on other things | (c)2018 Yuhan Pan
the pink liquid: top view of the pink liquid i needed to take for digestive issues | (c)2018 Yuhan Pan
illusion: if you stare for long enough, the corner of the ceiling looks like a cube sticking out to you | (c)2018 Yuhan Pan
morning sun, the wall and the lamp: they calm me down while making me anxious at the same time, a new day makes me anxious | (c)2018 Yuhan Pan

Yuhan Pan is a visual storyteller interested in capturing the emotions of a scene. She is dedicated to make images that speak to people by offering contextual caption and leaving the audience for interpretation. Emotions experienced by the artist while producing a photograph can differ from that of a viewer who sees it for the first time, and she is fascinated by the interaction of the two.

Yuhan Pan

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