We have amazing news!

We are now a registered non-profit magazine!

Why you may ask? 

One reason: we want to give back. We aren’t in this to make loads of money. We just want to sustain and grow this wonderful momentum and that includes helping the beautiful writing and mental health communities who have welcomed us so warmly.

UPDATE! Our online store is now live! Clickety-click here, friends!

So, what have we been up to?

We’re now travelling into new territory
and we couldn’t be more excited (or more scared)!

Things in the works at the Alt-Minds desks:

  • online store coming so, so, so soon (yay! print issues!)
  • amazing rebranding (guys, have you seen our new website? But of course you have, you’re here! And it’s beautiful – if we do say so ourselves)
  • collaboration with our communities to bring you workshops
  • event appearences
  • grants and funding

So, with that said, we also have huge dreams (and totally within reach):

  • scholarships
  • awards
  • increased payments for our Fearless Contributors (seriously, these people are amazing)
  • full online store including merchandise, give aways, and increasing support to writing communities and schools around Canada
  • partnerships with mental health organizations

But the hard truth is we are sustaining this ourselves and that’s not easy. So we’ve set up a Patreon account in order to help this beautiful baby grow and see all these wonderful dreams come to life. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Help support our beautiful baby here!

If you’re not a Patreon person but still want to support, drop us an email at contact@altmindsliterarymagazine.com and we would be happy to chat!

Or even if you want to drop us an email to tell us how awesome you think Alt-Minds Literary Magazine is, we always need that little extra boost (seriously, we do)!

Also, if you’re on the hunt for ad space, we do that too! Both print and web! Our space for web is starting to fill up into summer, but drop us a line and we’ll chat.

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