AboutI had been thinking about alt-minds literary magazine for a long time before I even knew what it would turn out to be: a literary magazine that focuses exclusively on content about mental health and all the idiosyncrasies that come along in living with mental illness.

Writers throughout known history have had a high propensity towards mental illness – perhaps it’s the act of writing itself that is therapeutic to us, or maybe it’s the gift of creativity that also comes hand-in-hand with mental illness. Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, and now you and I, have used writing as a form of communication, catharsis, therapy, and a way to convey our feelings, which at times are completely unknown even to us. For me, writing is an essential part of my life – as essential as eating or breathing.

Why alt-minds? I wanted to provide a platform for individuals with lived experience with mental illness to be able to express how it has affected them. The title, alt-minds, meaning alternative minds, acknowledges that even though our minds may be healthy and whole – or not, as the case may be for some – we still don’t fit into normatively healthy standards.

Over the years, I have suffered with bipolar disorder and have struggled to find a place where my mind can rest, where I can be creative and live with my mental illness, in a healthy and happy way. Alt-minds is just another way for me to do that – and hopefully for you as well.

                                                                                         – K. J. Aiello, Editor and Founder