By: Emma Rose Ryan Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of Googling. Ever since I walked out of my last psychiatrist appointment with an Adderall prescription – and four more letters to add to the alphabet soup of acronyms categorizing my mind – my browser history has looked like this: Google search: “ADHD”WebMD: “ADHD: Causes

manipulation anxiety need for an audience unstable interpersonal relationships (extremes of idealization and devaluation) frantic efforts abandonment (real or imagined) circumstantial (environmental sensitivity) transient, stress-related, paranoid ideation (severe dissociative symptoms) unstable self-image (markedly and persistent) reactive mood (instability due to) emptiness (chronic feelings of) difficulty controlling anger (inappropriate, intense, frequent displays) believed bad early adulthood

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When you grow up in a hurricane there is no calm in the eye of a storm. Silence descends, it blankets, but you – you are still a creature of fine-tuned muscles from navigating gale force winds. Though the breeze is as gentle as the sigh of a summer night, you’ll walk with a shoulder-hunched